Beeswax Candles

Beeswax CandlesOur candles are handmade and produced from 100% beeswax. We have many shapes and sizes available, please contact me to enquire. Prices will vary with weight.


Item # Weight Height Diameter
1 75g 8cm 3.5cm
2 120g 8cm 4cm
3 160g 9cm 6cm
4 230g 11cm 5.5cm
5 260g 13.5cm 5.5cm

1st column indicates the approximate weight of candle
2nd column is the approximate height and diameter of candle
The colour of beeswax candle varies from light yellow to dark yellow depending on batch

Candles are made to order upon request.
Shipping charges will be charged at cost

Please contact us to place an order

Phone: 07990542128